Open Mic Night THURSDAYS 6-10p!

The kitchen will be open, wine & beer will be pouring. There’s fabulous musical talent in town… Come hungry and enjoy the show. Jeff Crookall & Friends will host our weekly Acoustic Open Mic night. Participate or simply enjoy the show, it’s an evening overflowing with talent. Sing, play, eat and relax with a great community…

Sunday open Mic will be postponed…

It will be cancelled through the season of the Hawk, the Seahawks that is. We will also be CLOSED today. Grab a sweet treat from I’ll Have What She’s Having at The Hungry Pelican at the The Everett Farmers Market today. Have a wonderful afternoon, see you next week. #GoHawks!

Feeling Bleu? How about Beefy?

We are! Try our Beef, Bacon and Bleu Cheese Melt on Focaccia. Just right with some Tims Classic Chips or a cup of our Chicken Veggie Soup du jour. Don’t forget dessert! Closing for lunch at 3 to setup for our pop-up chef event tonight!

Fresh baked Croissants are in the house…

We’re going with a Classic Turkey, Bacon and Swiss combo. A great pairing with our Cheesy Potato Soup. Don’t forget dessert! From little bites to party faves we’ve got it! We’ll be closing at 3p daily through Saturday this week to accommodate evening events.

How about a…

… Creamy Beef and Cheddar Melt with a cup of Turkey Noodle soup for lunch! Back to school is a perfect time to fill the cookie jar with fresh baked goodies from I’ll Have What She’s Having. Stop in and stock up!

What a fun day!

From Tea Parties to Tater Tots… what can we do for you? (But not tomorrow… we’re closed Sunday for the holiday). 😉👩🏼‍🍳😎

Ever had a Scarlet Runner?

It’s new to me, from Baileys Farm, and I’m in L❤️VE! Try them on our farm fresh Roasted Veggie and Bean Salad – a sampling of our evening Feast with Farms. Don’t forget Dessert! Grab your holiday weekend treats before you hit the road!

It’s an open mic Thursday!

Join us for lunch or a fun evening after 6. Today I’ve made Yumi Yummy Caprese Canapés with 4 cheese, Tomato Salad and Balsamic Glaze. It pairs perfectly with Italian Beef Soup du jour.


I’m really sorry, due to a series of unfortunate events I will not be able to open today. I do plan to open tomorrow. Sorry… I’d way rather be serving you; life happens. Please visit our Historic Downtown Snohomish neighbors and enjoy us another day. (No ones bleeding, dying or quitting… beyond that it’s a…

Closed 8/13

Sorry to miss you for lunch and our matinee open mic this week. We will be offsite providing service for a celebration event. Please come by another time!

Chill out with a delicious lunch!

Feeling the heat? Try our Shrimp Louie with fresh Poached Prawns, Chilled Carrot-Mango-Coconut Soup or a Breakfast Club Sandwich with Pancakes, Bacon, Basted Egg and syrup dipper. #lunchtime #brunchtime #anytime

One of my faves…

Cool and crisp Shrimp Salad Canapés today and it pairs perfectly with a chilled Strawberry soup and homemade Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches by I'll Have What She's Having. Enjoy the shade tree and relax away the hot day.