LADIES NIGHT ~ 3rd Thursdays

Shop on the Third Thursdays of the month at some of our neighbor stores for after hours night out, then do some evening shopping with extended hours at many shops. Stop in for a great evening of music, food and drink with friends!  Support Historic Downtown Small Businesses!

Ladies night Specials
Save $5 on wine by the bottle with purchase of menu item
– or –
Buy 2 fresh brewed drinks and save 50% on a dessert
Jeff Crookall & Friends will host our weekly Acoustic Open Mic night. Participate or simply enjoy the show, it’s an evening overflowing with talent.This is an all ages event.The Kitchen opens at 530P
*******************************PARKING INFO:
Our wonderful neighbors have allowed after hours guests to park in their lot across the street. The lot next door has limited business spots in the row next to our building after hours.PLEASE DO NOT PARK: in the middle or left side of the lot next to us. Those belong to residents. Happy neighbors are good for business. Thank you 
 open mic ladies night 10847904_839806819473389_385226587422350973_n



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