Special May Events!

find out more on our Facebook events page!

Mark you calendars for a special Weekend event.

Reservation only seating starts at 11a with the last seating at 3pm.

The Queen Bee Tea will highlight delectables brought to us by bees! Their bounty is a tresure we all need to protect.

Nearly all our favorite foods are dependent on these endangered buzzers; so we’ve teamed up with Snohomish Youth Beekeeping Education to share some tips on preservation and create a charming afternoon that makes YOU feel like the queen.

Menu details to coming soon.

Reservations will include

Fresh Brewed beverages,

a delicious assortment of Bee inspired Tea Sandwiches and

I’ll Have What She’s Having at The Hungry Pelican Sweets

There’s even a little gift from us.

We will have GF & Vegetarian options, along with various portions to serve you just right. Stay tuned!

Take the sting out of the day; buzz in and rest with the hive, honey.

(sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Don’t miss a very special event for a great cause.

360-243-3278 for reservations.




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