I thought a little update was overdue

Good morning folks. I’ve seen so many wonderful Historic Downtown Snohomish events pass by that we’ve enjoyed participating in before. I’ve missed you, but I know I can’t be of any service right now.

Me, I’m ok I guess. I will be. A little better every day. My emotions are prickly and my head is in a whirl. I’m just trying to embrace it and let it be, since it seems like the right way to feel. No reason to fight or deny it; through it is the only path for me to heal.

I simply can’t thank everyone, EVERYONE, who has done something to help cope with the tragic loss. The shock. The grief. So many of you have shown kindness and generosity. I am beyond grateful. You all have given me a life changing gift.

Officially I hope to return next week, but I’m keeping it open. I will be losing my insurance in a few days, which has pushed a pending hand surgery to tomorrow. Now or never as they say, and never is not an option. It’s time for a few days of quiet respite anyway. So, I will be taking advantage of that event to curl up in bed with my three dogs. Thankfully the St. Bernard likes the floor.

So, thank you. I will be back. I look forward to being me again, albeit a new me. But still me…


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