Last night my step back in was amazing. THANK YOU. ❤️

I was overwhelmed when I walked in and was wrapped in the aroma of I’ll Have What She’s Having’s amazing Turkey Pot Pie. It was an instant sensation of welcoming comfort… so much so I burst into tears! Oy, this is a new journey. The tears were quickly replaced by an evening of smiles. And hugs. And laughter.

We are moving forward. I should be able to get full use of my hand after the surgery in another week. I am planning to keep our Thursday eves going and focus on a few special functions that are already planned, including this day long community gathering for the whole family! I will be phasing in other services as I can; possibly offering limited menu options for awhile.

I’m also excited because we’ve been working on some new ideas, so we might as well start back with them! Stay tuned… 😉

Your kindness and consideration amaze me and I am forever grateful for your encouragement and patience. I will be back and we will enjoy deliciousness together again!


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