See What They’re Saying About Us!
2013 King 5’s Best of Western WA – Runner Up Best New Restaurant
2014 King 5’s Best of Western WA – Top 20 Best Sandwiches
We are excited to provide our guests a one-stop-shop for Great Food & Finds with our unique selection of
We believe quality can be affordable, and strive to provide a place of comfort with many points of interests to intrigue and delight you.
Historic Snohomish is a Northwest destination for vintage goods and outdoor life. Located in a 1930’s mechanics shop, you can take a step back into the past as you make your way through The Hungry Pelican.
While in town, appreciate all Historic Snohomish has to offer outdoors and at local happenings (and our events). Let us create a wonderful picnic to go, or when the weather is not cooperating, relax in our casual seating areas.
Other shops may offer similar services, but we are proud to be just a little bit different.
A wonderful bird is the pelican,
His bill will hold more than his belican.
He can take in his beak
Food enough for a week,
But I’m damned if I see how the helican.
by Dixon Lanier Merritt (1910)
IMG_6265pelican subway sign

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