Today’s Roasted Zucchini Soup (GF) pairs perfectly with our Turkey Bacon Gruyere Sub with Aioli and homemade Potato Salad Side. So much flavor on one plate. 

Its a warm one today!

Keep cool with a refreshing Mediterranean Salad special and finish up with a homemade Ice Cream Sandwich from I’ll Have What She’s Having! Backyard dining is open. *NOTE: we will be CLOSED THURSDAY LUNCH for an event. We will OPEN at 6p Thursday for Open Mic.*

Closed today… 

We hope to see you another day!Thank you to our service men and women for all you do. I’ll Have What She’s Having at The Hungry Pelican is available at The Everett Farmers Market today!


Try a Ham & Gruyere Melt today, it pairs perfectly with our Split Pea Soup (GF/DF). Don’t forget a little something sweet to finish it off! Perhaps a homemade Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich… #yum

It’s Picnic Time! 

It’s a beautiful weekend! Try our Marscapone Strawberry Waffles or Tortellini Cesar salad specials today. Flavor as bright as the day is sunny. I’ll Have What She’s Having has some amazing little cakes, a perfect treat for your family or friends. Grab lunch to go and hit the parks! Call ahead… 360-243-3278

What’s your craving today?

Perhaps today’s special; Potato Leek Soup and Spinach Strawberry Salad with Chicken and homemade Poppyseed Dressing… or maybe something else entirely. Let us make you something delicious! 

Mini Mac Pacs…

today while they last! Enjoy a tasty Brie and Turkey Melt in Puff Pastry as a special today; pairs perfectly with a classic salad side. Happy Hump Day! 

The shadow of the pelican lingers in your mind… 

saying it’s #lunchtime. Today’s special is a Bacon and Cucumber sandwich with Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese…. mmmm smoky, crispy, light and savory. #yum Save room for Lemon Meringue Pie…. it’s in the works!

Can you see them? 

They’re jumping at the chance to dine with us! Enjoy grandmas favorite Tuna and Egg Salad Sandwich today; paired perfectly with a cup of Creamy Chicken Soup. Hey procrastinators… don’t forget about Mom’s day next weekend! Reserve your spot at our annual special event and make her the Queen of the day.